Solutions FAQ

To give you a head start on items as content gathering and delivering, training and all-in solutions we summed the most asked questions on these topics on this page. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact support

When starting a custom solutions we will always contact you to get clear insight in your wishes and requirements. Depending on this a list of deliverables will be put together. Basically this will contain:

  • A set of images (jpg/png) divided into folders (Categories)
  • Video’s in h264 format (.MP4 / .MOV)
  • PDFs (Not protected / adviced size up to 4MB)
  • Background images (.JPG / .PNG – Full HD – 1920×1080 pixels)

An All-in solutions consists of a tailor made configuration and license for the chosen application and a basic training for maintaining your content. Extended training’s and/or separate licenses can be ordered separately.

The amount of stars at the example configuration give you an idea on how complex they are. More complex projects cost more time to setup. When new buttons or backgrounds need to be made it results in a “more stars configuration”.

Of course you can design your own images. Out DTP department can help you with the details.

As long as your video material has regular video codecs we can convert it to a H264 Video, needed for Omnitapps.

Some, non binding tips: backgrounds-1920x1080pixels / Buttons-200x200pixels / PDF-up to 4MB each. / Videos-720P

Yes, that is also possible. First you register at and send the login email and password to us. We then make the account ready for sending requested files.

You can exchange the media in Omnitapps whenever you want. You can change PDF files, Videos etc.. that are stored in several folders within the project folder. Our technical support can help you locate those folders.

When we build your project we always save a version on our servers to use when you need it again.