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Museum Demo – Omnitapps Composer

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Museum Demo configuration built with Omnitapps Composer Multitouch Suite using swipemediamarker, mediaviewer puzzle and videoplayer

A comparable configuration […]

Unilever – Custom


Custom application for the supply chain of the factory. Truck drivers can check-in their freight at the entrance of the […]

AV10 Rabobank Custom

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With this custom application Rabobank Employees can reserve parking spots for their visitors and welcome them by name.Receive offer for […]

Schenk – Custom

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With this application truck drivers delivering Schenk can check-in their goods and get a parking position for them to wait […]

New Babylon – Wayfinding

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Custom wayfinding solution for New Babylon shopping center in The Hague, Netherlands.
The system can show multiple floors and walking routes.
Customers […]

VDL – Omnitapps Composer

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Omnitapps Composer configuration of VDL to present company information.

A comparable configuration with your content […]