Omnitapps Composer has a main menu from where you start applications.

You can configure the buttons, like size, color and label. You can also choose your own image-icons to customize the menu in almost any way.

Omnitapps has different menu presets like a Wheel (circle) menu, Grid menu, Swipe menu, coverflow menu and even a mode where you can place the buttons on any location on the screen. (Free menu)


  • Configurable buttons or your own button images.
  • Different button arrangement presets.
  • Free button placement mode.
  • Background image slideshow.
  • Fullscreen background video option.
  • Tickertape RSS feed or your own text.
  • Digital clock.


You also can configure a screen before the menu when the system is inactive (screensaver)

  • Slideshow screensaver with videos and/or images.
  • Welcome page to “welcome” your guests. On this page you can configure logos, company names and visitor’s names.

These applications are available in composer