Omnitapps Scan & Win

With Omnitapps Scan & Win you can create a promotional campaign around a store, shopping-mall or event. The design can be customized to your needs. Also the prices that can be won can be adapted. Determining a winner can be done based on percentages, time lapse or at a special time frame. All settings are configurable and can be spread over multiple days to make sure all prices are won at the end of the campaign and there will be enough prices for each day of your campaign.

This special application can only be bought via Omnivision Studios or one of our official resellers, because a special training to make a configuration of Scan & Win is necessary.


  • Lead generation
  • Choose a winner based on percentages / time lapse / time frame
  • Scan unique barcodes is possible
  • Predefined price database
  • “Always price” option
  • Customizable receipt is possible
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