Omnitapps Remote

If you want to centrally manage the Omnitapps Composer software and have it run on the touch screens located at various locations we offer the Omnitapps Remote solution.

Omnitapps Remote is in basic additional software that also runs on computers with Omnitapps software. This additional software takes care of all file transfer handling.

As you maybe already know, Omnitapps stores its data, files and configuration in named folders. This means that the whole configuration is a folder that can be exported to any other computer running Omnitapps Composer or Omnitapps Player.

The additional remote software takes care of the transport of the configuration folder.
Please note for Omnitapps Remote a ICT integrator is needed.

This special application can only be bought via Omnivision Studios or one of our official resellers, because a special training to know how Remote is working is necessary.

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