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The interactive wayfinding is designed to guide visitors of a tradeshow, company building, museum or shopping centre around in a quick and easy way. With the fast search functionality the visitor can find his area of interest quickly and it will be displayed on the floor plan, including the fastest way to get there from the kiosk. The design of the interface can easily be adjusted to your requirements, so it fits your company guidelines. Things like color and buttons shape are configurable. The application is also equipped with a banner system, which can directly point to an area on the floor plan when required. Per location extra information can be defined by means of an image, textual description or company logo. Also a contact email address and website can be added. The latter is also displayed via a QR code, so the visitor can directly scan the code with his mobile phone to visit the vendors website. When a vendor has a brochure available for the visitor this can also be added into the system, so that it can be requested. The brochure will be directly sent via an email functionality. In that way you can provide the visitor with extra information and you can acquire user information from your visitors for direct marketing.

A comparable configuration with your content is available as All-in 4 Stars solution starting at €2000/ $2200
Final price will be determined after we know your wishes and needs and are dependent your requests

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