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Omnivision Studios is looking for resellers to sell our Omnitapps Applications and for partners to create complete configurations:

• Audiovisual companies
• Rental companies
• System integrators
• Advertisment agencies
• Distributors

It’s is possible to become one of our standard or expert resellers.

Standard and expert resellers

To become an expert reseller, to get leads from Omnivision Studios and to sell our Omnitapps Special Solutions you first have to buy our expert reseller pack (not-for-resell licenses) and follow an online training. Not only you know how to create complete solutions, but also to “prevent” that everybody can sell our Specials.

When you only want to resell our standard applications you can become our standard reseller.

Check our webshop for the standard and expert reseller packs.

OEM version of Omnitapps Composer

Omnivision Studios offers the possibility to have your own version of Omnitapps Composer which you can sell under your own brand name. With this partner edition of Omnitapps Composer you will have your “own” version of Composer. There are also Partner Edition Omnitapps Player licenses which only function with Partner Edition Omnitapps Composer licenses.

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