About Omnivision Studios

Omnivision Studios focuses exclusively on the development of (multi) touch applications. In addition to custom applications the company also builds standard touch screen software that is branded in the market as Omnitapps™. For companies like Lenovo and Intel, Omnivision Studios also builds family games for various platforms such as portable all-in-ones, 2-1 devices and Ultrabooks.

In addition to family games and the Omnitapps multi-touch applications, the company develops product selectors, digital interactive maps, receptions, survey applications, serious games and gamification. Omnivision is an official Intel® Technology Provider and Intel Software Partner.

The extensive range of our (customizable) software solutions allow us to focus on a wide variety of museums, schools, reception areas, shopping malls, real estate, theme parks, retail, exhibitions and more. View here some of our references.

The team

The Omnivision Studios development team consists of a team of application (game) developers with extensive knowledge of new media, games and innovative (multi) touch technology. Depending of the application we develop this is done in C#, Unity, HTML5 or Flash. In addition to developers the team consists of a project manager, tester, graphic designers, account managers and a sales manager.


Omnivision Studios – The Netherlands